Thursday, October 22, 2009

Posters, Door Hangers and Booklets... Now Available

Poster Printing Puts Your Message Front and Center

Use A four color poster as a highly visible marketing tool that gets your message out to many people -- with a single piece and at a cost that is far less than many other marketing mediums. In fact, in high-traffic areas, there's no better, more affordable way to promote, advertise or inspire.

Door Hanger Printing Services Make It Easy for You to Target Your Prospects and Customers

Whether you're introducing a product, announcing a grand opening or just reminding your audience that you're eager to have their business, there's no more direct way than with a door hanger. And, you can easily target neighborhoods and geographic areas without having to buy lists or collect names. For business to business marketing, you can distribute door hangers to office buildings and even in hotels.

Outclass Your Competition and Make Your Products Shine with a Custom Booklet

Imagine your customer with two items in-hand. One is a full color booklet, printed on glossy, bright white paper and peppered with photos that practically pop off the page. The other is flimsy, dull, and utterly forgettable.

Which booklet do you want associated with your company? Let us show you how our color booklet printing services can energize this major promotional piece.